To all iPod Touch owners,
Just wondering if anyone is upset that the iPod Touch has just dropped 10% in price while loyal customers who purchased at the higher price are now expected to pay a further 5% for the January Software Update**
The identical*, but cheaper iPod Touch is now shipping with the January Software Update installed.
If the price of the iPod Touch hadn't changed since I bought it on the 24th of December, I would be reasonably happy to pay for the January software update
OR even if the price had simply dropped and the January update was free.
I am reminded of the iPhone price drop. My opinion at the time was different, but a precedent has been set. Come On Apple.
If anyone agrees with me please send a polite email to Steve or visit
PS When I can afford it, I have to have the latest and greatest. This has led to me downloading and paying for the January Software Update anyway. I just don’t think it fair that someone who purchased 22 days later for less money makes a further saving by getting the January Software Update free.
*As far as I know there could be hardware changes to the iPod Touch, but I haven’t seen Apple say anything about that.
** The January Software Update allows the iPod Touch to Run Mail, Notes, Google Maps, Weather and Stocks.